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Kauai, Hawaii Nikon Mentor Series Photography Workshop November 4 – 10, 2011

Join me and the Mentor Series as we travel to the photographer’s paradise that is Kauai, a shimmering jewel in Hawaii’s crown of islands, prized for its lush greenery, pristine beaches and lively culture. Once voted the best natural botanical garden in the United States by the American Horticultural Society, Limahui Gardens is a must-see spot for any visitor hoping to capture the allure of this verdant island. Use your macro lens for close-ups of unique plant species, or turn your lens toward a farther subject, the graceful ridge of the Makana Mountains, which loom in the distance. We’ll spend the evening trailing surfers at sunset on nearby Hanalei Beach, a prime opportunity to create graceful action shots against a backdrop of turquoise water.

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Mentor Series Trek Montana & Yellowstone September 6-11, 2011

Join me on one of my favorite trips of the year! With its stunning vistas, extraordinary geothermal features and plentiful wildlife, Yellowstone National Park is nothing short of a photographer’s dream. Keep your camera at the ready as we travel its varied landscapes: lakes, canyons, rivers, mountain ranges, and more. At Upper Geyser Basin, encounter the world-famous Old Faithful, a cone geyser that spews boiling water to great heights several times a day, creating a spectacle you’ll be eager to capture. At nearby Old Faithful Inn, try your hand at some architectural and interior studies—this largest log hotel in the world represents the Golden Age of the rustic-resort style.

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Adorama Presentation May 5, 2011 Maximizing Your Next Adventure

Join us as Lucas Gilman take you on a visual adventure around the world sharing vibrant images ranging from kayaking in India, Brazil, and Costa Rica, to extreme skiing in Alaska, Wyoming and South America. He will share laughable stories from travels, expeditions and major events such as the Ironman, Kentucky Derby and Tour de France – Along the way inspiring your inner adventurer to pursue your next great journey!

Key topics for the presentation:

  • Finding your passion and the next great adventure
  • Maximizing your productivity
  • Workflow in the field
  • Safeguarding your visual assets
  • Choosing the right equipment

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